Create Your Team: Resources For The Busy Woman

Create Your Team is a brand new website that hosts an online community of entrepreneurial women that was conceived by Business Coach Jill Crossland of Jill Crossland Coaching and TimeFinders online magazine.

Jill joined forces with graphic designer, Alanna Morley who created the website and Mean Business blog and their IT consultant is Terri Pepin of Mapleleaf Solutions.

Create Your Team (CYT) showcases the services of various professional women, myself included, who offer services as varied as that of professional organizer, career consultant, self-esteem coach, life coach & facilitator, business coach and internet promoter and social media marketer for starters.

Create Your Team is a means by which entrepreneurial women can connect with other entrepreneurial woman to fill in the gaps they are missing in their own businesses, or to help locate other professionals they may need to make their own personal or professional lives more successful.

You simply decide what help you are looking for, and then check out our CYT member page to see if someone there can provide you with the services individual to your own needs.

Each Create Your Team member is a business woman who has founded and runs her own company. They have the experience and know how to help you in your personal & professional life.

There are two components to Create Your Team:

First it is a safe place where an entrepreneurial woman can come to find help. From house cleaners, bookkeepers, web designers, to lawyers we will steadily add to our member list in an effort to provide you with all manner of help.

Secondly if you would like to become a member and have your business listed with us, it is as simple as an annual fee, two photos and providing some information about your business.”

We’re looking for women who offer a wide variety of services such as that of housekeeper, nanny, bookkeeper, accountant, web designer, photographer, graphic designer, interior designer, health care worker, lawyer, etc.

“For an annual rate you have the opportunity to reach your female clients and customers. You present yourself and your business in a simple and straight forward manner. In turn the client can go to your website or contact you directly.

We will also provide you access to our Mean Business blog. You can post your latest article, write some helpful tips, share a resource, book or something that is happening in your business. We recognize this blog is a tool to further promote yourself and your business, however, we do ask that the content remain relevant and we reserve the right to delete any post that does not meet up with this criteria.

An annual membership fee of $150*

With your annual membership you will be provided with the following:

• A photo link on our members page
• Your own site page with 2 photos and all the contact and profile information you provide to us
• A “Featured Profile” link on our home page for a minimum of one week, two times a year
• 5% off discount from other CYT members for use of their services
• The ability to post on our blog


For a limited time we are inviting entrepreneurs to join CYT at the special rate of $100 for the first year.

You can’t beat that!

For more information about CYT’s policies, click here.

We hope that you will join our team and look forward to sharing your services with other professional women all over the world.

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  1. This site and service sounds great. It is fantastic to see women supporting each other in their entrepreneurial enterprises. I wish CYT the best of luck and great expansion in the future. I will pass this on to my sister who is just starting a new business. Thanks Christine for the great review. Teresa

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