Synchronicity in Motion: A Timely Email From Author Albert Thor

Author Albert Thor
Back in January of this year, I wrote a book review for a brilliant philosophical thriller called The Wizard Within by Albert Thor. One of the best things about writing reviews is when you can honestly be positively crazy about something you like and it ends up really making the artist’s day.

Last week, I received an email from the eclectically delightful Albert Thor and he gave me permission to share it with you here.

“Hello there,

Just dropping you a note to thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel.

You did such a great job of it! Finding something like your review online is always such a treat.

If you get a chance please go to my new website and read the beginning of the intro to my new book which I have slightly re-titled. I know this may sound absurd but I’ve solved the meaning and the purpose of the universe and to boot I’ve made it perfectly relevant to our day to day lives. And it certainly has got me out of a few scrapes!!!

I’ve also written Flight Manual for the Soul and The Man who became a Woman who became God and saved the World (an unpublished manuscript/research journal that lead to what I now call Quantum Philosophy and the Reaction Management System but is too controversial to publish at this point in my life. I’m thinking posthumously).

I’m now at

Interestingly, since my brain hemorrhage (Nov/07) I’ve become a musician, too. I have some of my clips on my website if you care to listen. I’m just in the process of getting organized to do some videos of both my songs and my poetry. I’ve been thinking lately that a poem read in the context of a music video (obviously with the emphasis being on the spoken word and not the music) might be the ticket to reintroduce poetry as a viable entertainment. It’s funny but poets are supposed to be so creative yet all they ever seem to do is stand up quite statically before an audience and read their poetry usually in a hard-to-take monotone. I know because I’ve done exactly this, too. Except once I did a really wild show at a local venue that people still sometimes make reference to.

Of course the nudity helped!!!

Anyway, all the best to you, love and joy!!!


Needless to say this email has opened up a wonderful conversation between Albert and me. As synchronicity would have it, I had just found out that the next book that The Purple Door book club will study this coming September is going to be The Wizard Within.

Albert has graciously agreed to be interviewed online by our book club members and he will answer any questions that we have and will also provide us with relevant study materials to “help flush out some of the latent knowledge.” I am very excited about this and it’s always great to have something fun to look forward to for the fall season.

I do hope that my readers in Kingston will consider joining us at The Purple Door at 376 Barrie Street for our September 2010 book club. All you have to do is watch The Purple Door’s Facebook page for details.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Christine, what a wonderful message from Albert. You truly do write very good book reviews and it is great to see that an author acknowledges your work. Congratulations. Teresa

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