A Jovial Sorted Mess by Craig Mcintyre

March’s Featured Blog: A Jovial Sorted Mess by Craig Mcintyre

A Jovial Sorted Mess is the most interesting, quiet, and simplistic yet moving blog I’ve read so far. I’m not saying this because I happen to know Craig (a little) and he’s a friend; I’m saying it because it’s true. This is the blog of a 34-year-old man striving to make a positive impact on the immediate world around him within a certain time frame. This is exactly the kind of writing that I believe that many people like to read. It’s human interest, inspirational, honest and real (not to mention Craig is passing on some great quotes).

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close to success they were when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison

He started it for himself and he wants to discover how much change and positive impact he can bring to his own life and those that surround him. Making the blog public is a way to take that a step further. He started this blog on February 24th and I have already been greatly inspired by Craig’s blog and his Plan which is why I’m sharing it with you here.

The Plan:

I have given myself a timeline 93 days to see how dramatically I can change my life to impose the most positive impact on myself and those who surround me. I am going to do this, by changing one thing I do every single day for 93 days. Small simple things. It starts with today. Feb 24, 2010 until May 23, 2010.

I understand the task I ask of myself, and have no illusions how much discipline and work it take to adhere to it……but…. I can do anything for 93 days.”

One thing that attracted me to Craig as a friend aside from his excellence as a musician and singer-songwriter and his similar path of that of a spiritual seeker, is the fact that he says, he’s “Always stood in my truth, no reason to stop now.”

This is a simple blog. There are no pictures, no links to other websites…just Craig writing…about empowerment, impact, value, and change. And it’s beautiful.

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  1. emily says:

    I enjoy browsing your site, I usually find out random interesting stuff.
    Emily R. from Husky Tips

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