The Wonder That Is Ping.FM

Last week, I received the greatest tip from a fellow social media enthusiast who I started following on Twitter who goes by the name Social Media Max. Max Richardson is a self-described Social Media / Twitter Coach, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Internet Geek, Web Designer, Photographer, and Affiliate Marketer. He is also a lovely young man who is wonderful for sharing tips about Social Media and he wrote a blog called “How To Update All Your Social Networks in One with Ping.FM.”

Just to quickly reiterate what Max shared with me: Ping.FM is a very simple, user-friendly program that allows you to link your social media accounts together so that when you create a status update, all you have to do is type it in once and then Ping it! It’s a real timesaver and it doesn’t cost a thing. So what are you waiting for? Get pinging and let everyone know what’s on your mind!


  1. Hi Christine! So glad you’re enjoying Ping.FM, it now even integrates with Google Buzz! You may also want to add a Google ‘Buzz This’ button to your blog at some point 🙂 Similar to my Tweetmeme button (RT)

    Here’s a little HOW TO:

    Keep on Bloggin’
    Max 🙂

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      I am, thanks Max! I don’t have a self-hosted blog…yet. When I get my dot com domain name linked up to my WordPress account, I’ll integrate Google Buzz. Cheers!

  2. Sam Parvin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Christine and Max! I’ve tried using a site or two like this, that integrates all social media into one site, but you know what I’ve come to over the past couple years? I don’t want 10 different sites with all the same followers and to share the same information. I’m trying to somewhat differentiate – if you want to know about my professional experience and connect on a “potential future business partners” level, check out LinkedIn. For tidbits of information and the latest on my blog, go to Twitter, etc.

    Now that social media sites are so highly saturated and most people have 2 or 3 or more accounts, what’s the point of being friends with them on all 3 or more accounts?

    So, I can see how Ping.FM would have a lot of value, but I’m just trying to make my social media surfing where I don’t want to post the same thing on every site.

    Good luck with your surfing!

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