Quokkagirl Discusses Learning Disabilities

February’s Featured Blog:
Quokkagirl Discusses Learning Disabilities
by Jennifer Amy

I know, it’s only been a couple of days and already I’m posting another blog feature! Since this one is fresh and on my mind, I’m inclined to tell you about it sooner rather than later.

My best friend since we were 12, and daughter of children’s author Camille Blue AmyJennifer Amy – has started a blog called Quokkagirl Discusses Learning Disabilities.

Jen is a 46-year-old Canadian teacher living in Bunbury, Western Australia, who is currently a PhD student at Murdoch University investigating teacher perceptions of their experiences with students with learning difficulties/disabilities.

Jen has recently been the co-ordinator of Network South West, a self advocacy support group for people with intellectual, learning and mental health disabilities. This week, she is starting a new position at the Bunbury Regional Prison. Jen has been “contracted to screen participants in the in-house education program for learning disabilities and related issues, as well as design a remediation program that can support the direct instruction of literacy and numeracy concepts.”

Jen’s goal with her new blog is to facilitate supportive conversations about issues related to learning disabilities. It will be of particular interest to teachers, tutors, educators, parents, and anyone interested in dyslexia and learning difficulties/disabilities, advocacy and inclusive education. Stop by and let her know what you think. She’d love to hear from you and you’ll even find out what a quokka is!


Jennifer Amy

“This is my first on-line conversation and I’m excited about the possibilities. I’ve been working in the area of learning disabilities for a number of years as a teacher, tutor and advocate and feel that having informative, supportive conversations can help bring the concept of learning disabilities into better focus and be instumental in preventing what is a learning difference or difficulty from becoming a true disability. I hope to hear from a number of interested people in order to share information as well as receive it. Thanks for your attention and let the discourse begin.”

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