England Rents, Rants & Raves by The Prodigal Tourist

Author and blogger, Denis Lipman
December’s Featured Blog:
England Rents, Rants & Raves
by The Prodigal Tourist

Hello everyone! I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season and if you are as fortunate as I am, you have this whole week off!

Since the launch of my new website I have been thinking of ways to keep my blog fresh and interesting. I’ve decided that each month I am going to attempt to feature a favourite blog that’s written by my online friends.

This month I have selected one of the first blogs I chose to follow when I first started writing my own. It’s by Denis Lipman and is called England Rents, Rants & Raves. Denis refers to himself as The Prodigal Tourist and I am currently reading his wonderful travel memoir, A Yank Back To England: The Prodigal Tourist Returns, which actor Michael York describes as:

“A perceptive, engaging and informative take on contemporary England as seen through the eyes of a fellow expatriate who writes with humor and affection. The cast of characters has an almost Dickensian vivacity.”

Mr. York is absolutely right.

My review of the book will be posted soon.

Denis Lipman is from Dagenham, Essex and he has a very interesting and colourful history that you can read about here. His American wife, Frances Erlebacher, is not only his life partner and the mother of their daughter Kate, but also his business partner as together they run an advertising agency called The Creative Shop in Washington, DC. Denis also writes plays for the Washington Theatre Festival.

Denis explains on his blog,

“Years ago I shed my Cockney accent and left London’s blighted East End for America. Since then, I’ve only returned to see my increasingly cantankerous parents and assorted relatives. Until my American wife comes along. She wants to tour, see the sights. No thank you. It’s not for me. But she insists, and I become a reluctant tourist in my former homeland.”

England Rents, Rants & Raves is a delightful, interesting and colourful blog about Jolly Ol’ England! It features various vignettes from the Lipmans’ travels and Denis’ new book, as well as photos, recipes, and everything related to the Lipmans’ life. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more creative, friendly and fun couple in blog land than Denis and Frances. I highly recommend their blog which is especially enjoyable for armchair tourists like me!

“You did what to Tony?”

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