Craig Ferguson Celebrates The 1000th Episode of The Late Late Show!

Television's sexiest talk show host!
As a huge fan of TV’s Craig Ferguson, it is my duty to post this exciting information about his 1000th episode of The Late Late Show.

“On December 15, 2009, Craig celebrates the 1000th episode of The Late Late Show and his guests will be Kristen Bell, Jason Schwartzman, Maria Bello, and special performances by The Broken West and How I Met Your Mother’s Jason Segel, who will be appearing with his Dracula puppet. Yeah, the one from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

In honour of this monumental achievement, Craig’s fans are having a Tweet-A-Thon on Twitter on December 15th.

“THE PLAN: Get Craig Ferguson recognition from a whole new audience of internet users.

WHO: Our favorite Scottish late night cheeky monkey

WHAT: The Tweet-a-Thon via Twitter

WHEN: Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

WHERE: Everywhere internet is available! Your desktop, laptop, cell phone, blackberry, etc., etc.

WHY: Because we love him!

HOW: Starting at 12:00 am (your local time), start tweeting everything and anything about Craig Ferguson. Include #CRAIGFERGUSON in all of your tweets on that day, no matter their content. Preferably, post links to The Late Late Show, Craig’s movies, book reviews, pictures, and so on. Just be sure to include #craigferguson in everything (exactly as you see it here). This is a project coordinated by Twitter user LipSyncingScot, and I know that if you want more information, look her up via Twitter and she will be happy to oblige. And please, send this to everyone you know, post links, bombard them all!

(Credit must go to the individual who created the video posted below, who can be found at because “This took a really long time to do, despite what you might otherwise think.”) All clips are property of the mighty CBS corporation. Please do not kill me for using them. The song, which I found somewhere through searching for actual trailer music, is Asteroid-Audio Network. See you all on Tweet-a-Thon Tuesday!”

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