Book Drum: Beyond The Page, An Innovative Approach To Reading!

The Mind Game by Hector Macdonald
Recently, I received an email from Hector Macdonald who is the author of The Mind Game and the Editor of a really interesting website called BOOK DRUM. He approached me because I am a blogger, a book reviewer and a fan of Diana Gabaldon. I would like to pass along Hector’s note to you so that you can look at BOOK DRUM and decide if you’d like to contribute to it.


“I’d like to introduce a new website for book lovers. You’ve done great work reviewing books on your blog. How would you like to dig deeper into your favorite titles? Cross Stitch/Outlander perhaps? has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to reading. We’re bringing the books we love to life with images, music, maps, video, and all the other riches of the Internet.

We need writers and editors across the English-speaking world, and we’re running a Tournament to find them. First prize is $1,500, and we’re offering contract work to the best entries.

Please have a look around I’d be really glad to hear what you think of it. If there’s a particular book you’re passionate about, why not be the person who profiles it for the world? You’ll find Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch under Fiction: Romance.”

While I don’t currently have time to undertake this endeavor, I just might in the future and I hope that you will consider doing so too!


  1. Gaye says:

    Hi Christine
    Congrats on your new website it looks very professional & I’m sure will promote your online business. Talk to you soon.

  2. I sometimes do not do commenting. however thanks for this great post and looking forward to more.

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you enjoyed that post. I hope there will be more content here that you’ll enjoy. Best regards, Christine

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