Welcome to bodaciouscopy.wordpress.com.

My name is Christine Bode and I am the author of this website, its blog content (except where noted), and owner and operator of Scully Love Promo, an Internet Promotion (and social networking website maintenance) business for authors and musicians. I focus on the promotion of first class authors and musicians on the World Wide Web in order to promote their talents and expand their fan base on major social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook and help artists to maintain those sites.

In case you’re wondering, Scully is the name of my beautiful, 3-year-old, female Goldendoodle who is featured in numerous photos on this site. Scully is named after Dana Scully on The X-Files, a favourite television series of mine that I had the privilege of being an extra for in the Season 2, “Red Museum” episode.

I have kept blogs called Scully Love Promo Presents! and Scully Love Promo Reviews on Blogger since early 2008, but will now be blogging from this URL address at WordPress.

I hope that you will make yourself at home here and take a look around at your leisure. You may enjoy reading my blogs about my clients, or the books, CDs, and DVDs that I review, or be interested in the services I offer. If you have any questions or comments, I’d be happy to answer them.

I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Congratulations! Love the snowflakes…

    1. scullylovepromo says:

      Thank you so much Denis and Frances! I have linked to your blog on my Blogroll! Happy Holidays, Christine

  2. Katie McConnell says:

    Congratulations Christine!! The new site looks wonderful! Well done! xo

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