Ann Vriend’s New Live CD Is Here!!

And now for a word from Edmonton’s Chanteuse Extraordinaire, ANN VRIEND!!

It’s Here: How and Where to Get It

Got home 2 weeks ago from a “wonderbar” tour of Germany and Holland, and opened the big boxes of copies my new album. (Happy to report they are all identical, in case anyone was curious.)

Since then, Top Secret Copies have made their way into a few people’s hands– last week at some shows in Ontario, and this week on the breast cancer fundraiser tour… and some have mysteriously found their way into Europe and Australia.

As of today I am now home for a day or two and finally have my ducks in a row to make the official announcement: IT’S HERE!!!!!! You can now buy it!!!!! The ducks are quacking happily in a straight line! You can even get a signed copy AND a color poster!!!

The album is entitled “Closer Encounters– Ann Vriend Live”. That’s “live” as in rhymes with “hive”, not “live” as in rhymes with “give” (“Ann Vriend live live” was a title suggestion made by my Dad but it got voted down due to repetition concerns).

The album contains songs– some new, a few covers, and some tunes from previous albums– which were recorded at different shows and live studio sessions between 2008 and 2009. There are also a few long winded unrehearsed Ann Vriend tales and observations that made it on there. The album was mixed and mastered this summer in Calgary by the lovely and talented Alan Wall.

And now you can order the CD directly from me! Just follow the link below. Your money will be well spent on things like: the next pressing of said album. Maybe a pair of winter gloves. Laundry detergent. Other things I am running out of currently. Travel sized tooth paste, for instance.

Also, in Edmonton they are now available at Megatunes, Blackbyrd Myoosik, and downtown at Tix on the Square.

Of course, these CDs are also available at SHOWS, see below for a full list of details of CD release dates, beginning early next month in Alberta.

Thanks to everyone, Alan included, who helped make this album possible. The idea of doing a live album was a request from fans, as well as booking agents and music biz folks, so I am really happy to be able to deliver this finally and get you all off my back 😉

Also thanks to all in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Germany, and Holland who bought pre-sales on good faith that I would actually send them to you! I hope you dig!

Feedback is welcome!!!

Europeans: how/where to order

I have learned from some fans in Europe that it’s really expensive and difficult to order my CDs in Europe. Thanks for the heads up about that– since I myself don’t ever have to order them myself I had no idea this was such a hassle!

So, I have shipped a box of the CDs with my European booking agent, so you too can now order online directly from me via the link below– a drop down menu for the option for shipping to Europe is there. When you order it my booking agent will mail you your copy promptly. He is German and very punctual 🙂

There is also an option of ordering the CD WITH a signed poster as well- I signed a few before I left. (I am less often punctual but was thinking ahead on that one, musta been all the bratwurst).

Aussies: how/where to order

I also sent a coupla boxes of the CDs to my booking agent in Australia, so if you’re in Aus and want to order from there click on the link below.

I hope to be there to release the album in person Feb – Apr 2010, stay tuned.
Already longing for the Aussie sunshine!!

Buy mp3s

To download individual tracks click here:

Or Just Listen

Or, if you simply want to listen, gaze wonderingly in awe, break out into spontaneous dance moves, etc, please follow the link below.

Alberta CD Release Concerts

Beginning in Calgary on Nov 4 there will be 5 Alberta CD release shows in a row. Can’t wait! I’ll be performing with my trio: Thom Bennett on drums, and James Forrest (Agent Basso) on– you guessed it– upright and electric bass (not simultaneously). And, for 2 shows Agent Beard (known is some less imaginative circles as Matt Epp) will be the opening act and my most favorite backup singer on my part of the show.

Here’s the deets, including the links to the Facebook events for each:

CALGARY Date: November 4, 2009 Venue: Irene Besse’s Steinway Concert Hall Address: 152, 6999 – 11th Street S.E., (just off Blackfoot Trail) Description: “Closer Encounters” Calgary CD release with trio, opening act Trina Nestibo (, doors 7:00, tickets $15. Free parking available at venue. Tix available via, or by phone at 403 252 9047, toll free at1 800 296 7358, or at Megatunes (Calgary location) Facebook event link:

LETHBRIDGE Date: November 5, 2009 Venue: The Slice Bar and Grill, Address: 314 8 St S Description: with trio, Richard Doerksen opening, $10 tix at the door Facebook Event Link:

MEDICINE HAT Date: November 6, 2009 Venue: Esplanade Studio Theatre (Medicine Hat Folk Club) Address: 401 First Street SE Description: with trio, Matt Epp opening act

BEAVER MINES (near Waterton Provincial Park) Date: November 7, 2009 Venue: Stella’s Inn, Address: Pincher Creek No. 9 Description: with trio, 7 pm, $10, dinner served throughout evening, call 1 888 627 2585 for details and advance tickets Facebook Event Link:

EDMONTON (Sherwood Park) Date: November 8, 2009 Venue: Festival Place, Address: 100 Festival Way, Sherwood Park (just east of Edmonton) Description: with trio, 7:00 pm doors, show 7:30 pm, opening act Mapp Epp, cabaret, box and regular seating/ticket prices available. To buy advance tickets (recommended):

Hope to see many of you there!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

–Ann Vriend Headquarters

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