Fossibles: Bursting From Extinction To Distinction by Heather Rancourt & Claudia Gauches


The Fossibles are a team of five “formidable, cool, ultra-hip dinosaurs, each with their own distinctive, often quirky, personality, who possess super powers, secret, hi-tech gadgets and extraordinary motorcycles” that they use to “travel throughout the world fighting evil and preventing disasters.” Fossibles #1: Bursting from Extinction to Distinction tells the tale of their origin and how Trex, Braun, Deb, Riz and Little T grew up in a world where anything is “fossible” and because of this, they become the extraordinary Fossibles.

The story begins 65-million years ago when dinosaurs roamed a land called the Crystal Red Supremacy and were led by the reigning dinosaur magistrate, Zigopholus. A race of beings called Royans who lived on a planet called Osteroya were “intent on permanently eliminating all dinosaurs from this land.” Aware of their impending threat and eventual doom, Zigophalus calls a meeting in a great cave to ask dinosaur couples from every species to convene and to bring their eggs with them. The eggs are buried so that millions of years later when they’re discovered, the world will learn about how powerful they once were. The story’s description of the Royans of Osteroya is a bit too brief and doesn’t give enough background about them to truly make them or their threat, tangible.

We flash forward 65-million years to present day and meet a mild-mannered professor of information technology named Clem Stone. Clem invents high-tech gadgets and loves motorcycles and his wife Joan. He dreams of opening a motorcycle repair show in Arizona and before you know it, his dream comes true.

One day Clem and Joan are hiking in Arizona and they stumble across a giant cave. Guess what they find? They manage to transport four very large eggs back to their home and decide to try to hatch them. Several days later, perched on a plant stand under bright lamps, in large bowls lined with towels, they do hatch. Joan and Clem become instant parents of four different types of dinosaurs! They name the tyrannosaur, Trex, the brontosaurus, Braun, the triceratops, Riz, and the parasaurolophus, Deb.

There are some interesting, but highly unlikely things written into this story. I know it’s a fantasy for children, but would dinosaurs really eat fresh fruit and bran cereal for breakfast? Could you buy Dino-Ade in modern day Arizona if no one but the Stone family knew that dinosaurs actually exist?

On their 10th birthday, Clem invents GEOGOGS, which are special goggles that give his dinosaur children the power to see into their past. (Amazingly, they’ve lived ten years without ever being noticed by any other human beings.) Clem and Joan decide to take them to the cave where they found their eggs and there they discover yet another egg that they take home, and that hatches into their little brother, Little T: another tyrannosaur.

Naturally, the Stone family is growing so large that they can no longer be accommodated in Clem and Joan’s house, so Clem builds an airplane hangar-style home for the dinosaur kids in the back yard that they affectionately call The Bone Zone and soon after that, he and the kids build five super fantastic motorcycles that are powered by cactus juice!

Anything is fossible, after all, in this story, including the fact that a professor is able to quit his job, move to Arizona, start a motorcycle repair shop, and is miraculously able to afford a 75-acre property, an airplane hangar home for his five dinosaur children and to feed them all on his salary from fixing motorcycles. I appreciate the magical intent in the story, of course, but it just seems a little too imfossible to be believed at times. But then again, I’m not a child.

Fossibles #1: Bursting From Extinction to Distinction was published in 2006 and is the first in a proposed series of books starring these superstar dinosaurs. Authors Heather Rancourt and Claudia Gauches have created a wonderful website to celebrate the Fossibles at, but there is no news as to when we can expect the next book. The Fossibles series would have made a much better comic book than a short novel. Book #1 is glaringly void of regular illustrations although there are some really great pictures in a five page photo album at the end of the book that allow the reader to see what the characters look like, as well as on the website. There is a supposed “villain” in Dr. Dimitri Roy, a world famous paleontologist who is afraid of the dark, but he doesn’t do anything evil in this book, and is only in the story briefly.

Children from ages 5-9 will enjoy the Fossibles, but I’m not really sure what their parents will think. The story has a fun and far out premise and enjoyable characters, but it ends abruptly with a “To Be Continued”, that will likely make your children yell, “Aaawwww!!!!”


  1. Lori Calabrese says:

    Oh–I hate 'To be Continued' endings. The cover is really cool though and I would probably pick it up on that alone! I remember seeing this book a while back, so it's nice to hear what it's about.Great review!Lori

  2. Scully Love Promo says:

    I'm not fond of To Be Continued endings either, but that's what happens when you start to read a series! Thanks for your kind words, Lori! I hope all is well with you.Cheers,Christine

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