Musicians, Check Out YouBloom – Bob Geldof’s Social Networking Website!

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Have you seen YouBloom?

I want to thank my dear friend Julie Koretz for posting this information on her MySpace blog. I have heard of YouBloom of course, but haven’t registered with it yet myself because I’m already on about 10 other social networking websites. However, I thought this information might be of some interest to many of my musician friends and I still might end up registering with Bob’s site. – go there now! Here is some information about it:

1. YouBloom was co-founded By Bob Geldof and the YouBloom promotional video has one of Bob’s tracks as the sound track.

2. YouBloom gives you your own online Record / Merchandise store for free from which you can sell your music, merchandise, tickets and lots more.

3. YouBloom shares 50% of advertising revenues with Artists on their profile page.

4. YouBloom gives you a weekly Music competition with a global audience. Upload your music, get your fans voting and hope for a win – Bloom Or Gloom! (Would be great to get Bob’s fans voting for his music.)

5. YouBloom is free and non exclusive.

6. YouBloom lets you upload up to 30 songs to your Music Player.

7. YouBloom is the friend you’ve been looking for in the Music Industry.

8. YouBloom gives you your own free E-mail blasting service.

9. YouBloom gives you a Points and rewards system which enables your army of fans to promote your music, attract new fans and increase revenues and get rewarded in the process.

10. YouBloom is completely transparent – you can see how much money you are earning whether through sales or advertising revenues and measure your success with your Dashboard metrics.

11. YouBloom gives you social networking capabilities including Blogs, Image Gallery, Event Calendar, comments, purchases, polls and a lot more.

12. YouBloom gives you your own Radio.

13. YouBloom gives you widgets including your Music Player which can be placed on any social network or website on the world wide web from which your fans can buy your music and merchandise.

14. YouBloom gives you hope and independence for a positive music future and the ability to increase your fan base world wide and reap the financial benefits. Become part of your own Musical revolution.

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