Introducing Bob and Simon, The Boomtown Rats!

Hello my friends and fellow bloggers,

It’s not often that I post personal blogs, but this is exciting news that I wanted to share with those of you who have taken the time to drop by Scully Love Promo Reviews.

On Friday, May 29th, 2009, I adopted two baby, male, fancy rats and I call them Bob and SimonThe Boomtown Rats!

Bob Rat – the more outgoing of the pair!

Sleepy, shy Simon, cuddling with his brother.

I decided to bring pet rats into my home because my almost 7 year old niece and nephew, Erika & Ethan, really wanted to have rats. However, they also have a dog, two gerbils, two turtles, a hermit crab, two beta fish with snails, two tree frogs and a green anole. Their mommy already has enough critters to feed and cages to clean and they don’t have any more room until they build their new home. So, I decided that I would get the rats and keep them at my place so that I can enjoy them too.

Scully is mesmerized by her new friends!

The rats are sooo cute and are getting more and more comfortable with Scully and I every day. They still haven’t mastered the exercise ball yet but I will get them a wheel for the habitat this week and a hammock too, if I can find one! I want them to have happy, cushy little rat lives!

Steady on your feet there, Bob!

I’ve posted some new photos on MySpace and Facebook of Bob & Simon and Erika & Ethan if you’re interested!

Love Christine xox

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  1. Ms. Lucy says:

    You are such a wonderful Auntie! I don’t know if I could ever be as youngest has asked me for a rat for a while now..and I just can’t get myself to warm up to the idea. How’s Scully taking it all in?

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