Mother Mouse Book 2 written & illustrated by Darcie Mae

3.0 stars

In her first Mother Mouse book, Maine based children’s author and illustrator Darcie Mae wrote Mother Mouse Teaches Manners, Mother Mouse Teaches Measurements and Mother Mouse Teaches Shapes. She has also written a series of books about the adventures of Sammy and Robert featuring a big gray squirrel and a small red one that teach children about diversity, as well as animal names and holidays among other things.

In Mother Mouse Book 2, Darcie Mae tells two stories. Mother Mouse Teaches Opposites teaches children, through the main character of Mother Mouse who teaches all her neighborhood mice children, the concept of opposites. Children will learn about in and out, open and closed, up and down, hot and cold, low and high, bottom and top, over and under, big and small, short and tall, boy and girl, left and right, first and last, and full and empty. The story is endearing and her drawings are colorful and charmingly childlike. Children will enjoy them because they’ll feel that they can draw similar pictures too. Darcie Mae has written the story in rhymes, which is very hard to do well, and some of her lines don’t rhyme where they’re meant to. This makes reading the verse out loud a bit of a challenge to keep from tripping over your tongue, as sometimes Mother Mouse speaks in a manner much like Yoda.

The second story is called Mother Mouse Teaches Ways of Transportation. The first five stanzas in each story are identical and there is a lot of repetition in them in order to test a child’s memory while reading the story. Darcie Mae has made Mother Mouse’s lessons easy to understand and each one has a coinciding illustration. In this second story, children will learn about many different modes of transportation including walking, skipping, jogging, running, roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling, motorcycling; taking a car, horse, truck, airplane, helicopter, train, boat, dog sled, snowshoes, skis, snowmobile and ice skates. At the end of each story, Mother Mouse sends the little mice children home with a cookie.

These are sweet, engaging, educational books for children ages 3-7, published by Mirror Publishing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mother Mouse Book 2 is available through and

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  1. Ms. Lucy says:

    I just love children’s books- and this review is great! Thanks Christine:)

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