The Dream Stowaway by C.J. Pumpkins

Book Review
Title: The Dream Stowaway
Author: C.J. Pumpkins
Illustrator: Feras Nouf
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Released: 2008
Pages: 44
ISBN-10: 1425176011
ISBN-13: 978-1425176013
Stars: 4.0

All children sleep, except for one…The story begins when you start to read, the adventure begins when you fall asleep.” This is the premise of the enchanting children’s book, The Dream Stowaway, by author C.J. Pumpkins. Mr. Pumpkins has skillfully weaved a most infectious, fun-filled tale of the magic that occurs when a little girl named Mary has trouble falling asleep. One night, she encounters a mysterious boy who appears at the foot of her bed, scaring the wits out of her! He then blows something like sand into her eyes and the next thing she knows, it is morning again. When Mary tells her mother about the strange boy in her room, she doesn’t believe her, so Mary is determined to catch him so she will have proof of his existence.

The next night, the Dream Stowaway appears again but this time Mary has set a trap for him. After recovering from her surprise, he tells her, “All night I have traveled to rooms just like this, to bring kids to a place where no rules exist”, and then proceeds to fly her to a land where children play while their parents think they are sleeping. It is an adventure that children will want to have over and over again. My six year old nephew loved the part when the Dream Stowaway flies Mary off to Dream Land and his twin sister loved the part where all the children got to eat all the candy they wanted to. After all, what’s not to love about that?!

Illustrator Feras Nouf has created colourful, vibrant, cartoon-like pictures sure to stimulate the imagination and make you and your children smile. Mr. Nouf is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria and he has become an internationally sought-after illustrator who has worked on several projects with C.J.

Pumpkins originally wrote this story when he was only eight years old and revealed that it was inspired by Peter Pan and Dr. Seuss. Each line rhymes making for a perfect bedtime story to read aloud and one which children ages 3-8 are bound to love. If you have trouble getting your children to go to sleep at night, this is the perfect story for them!

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