Bowfire is Simply Stupendous!!

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I was privileged to be able to see fiddle supergroup Bowfire last night in Kingston at the Grand Theatre from a 6th row center Orchestra seat and I have to tell you that Bowfire was simply STUPENDOUS!!

I highly recommend this event to fiddle and all music fans everywhere! The show is so professional and utterly entertaining that I found myself grinning from ear to ear throughout and clapping and whooping it up like I was at a rock concert. I’ve never seen violin music interpreted in so many ways and the players are superb. Kelli Trottier’s voice is nothing short of angelic on The Mist Covered Mountains and The Line and Stephanie Cadman’s stepdancing is spectacular. I was particularly enamoured of Bogdan Djukic, the classical and ethnic violinist who also played the bongos. His smile and charisma captivated me! I was told that George Gao who plays the erhu (apparently a very difficult instrument to play) is a god in China. It’s not a wonder. Creator, Artistic Director and Jazz violinist Lenny Solomon has put together a group of phenomenal players (including himself) who are at the top of their game and should all be international superstars!

is an event not to be missed!!

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