First Reviews for Marshall and His Green High-tops!

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I am excited to be posting Camille Blue Amy’s very first reviews for her children’s book, Marshall and His Green High-tops! Authors Helena Harper from Britain and Dawn Menge from the USA have graciously written reviews for this delightful children’s book.

Three stars

Be careful what you wish for – you may get it!

How often we wish for something that we think will make our lives wonderful,but when we actually get it, that’s far from the case! This is the lesson that Marshall, the mouse, learns in this story. He’s fascinated by the human shoes he can see in the room below his attic home and is particularly entranced by a pair of green high-tops, which he thinks are all he needs to make him a better baseball player, although he is already very good at the game. He does eventually get a pair, but then learns the hard way that reality is very different to fantasy. The text is clearly laid out and easy to read and the pictures are delightful. I could have wished for a few more illustrations, though, to enhance some of the other situations described in the text. Overall, a sweet story with a useful lesson that both adults and children can benefit from. And what happens to the green high-tops in the end? Well, that’s not for me to tell!”

Helena Harper, author of “It’s a Teacher’s Life…!

Marshall and his Green High-tops is an enchanting tale about a young mouse who is dreaming of wearing a great pair of green sneakers.

Marshall dreamed of owning a pair of green high-tops as a present for his birthday. Marshall thinks, “If I only had those shoes, they would make me an even better shortstop and we could win the games. He could see himself as a star in the infield.”

Marshall soon realized that the high-tops did not make him a better player. But how does he explain this to his Uncle?

He writes a note explaining that he has learned many of the important lessons mice need to learn, “mice don’t wear shoes.”

His mother reminds him, “And remember Marshall – in the future be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.”

The illustrations for Marshall Mouse are bright and detailed. This is a must read for families and a good story to help solidify one of life’s great lessons, “Be careful what you wish for.”

I highly recommend this book as a welcome addition to all household libraries.”

Dawn Menge, M.A. Education Specialist
Author of the Queen Vernita Series
including Queen Vernita’s Visitors

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