Top 10 Tips For Self-Promotion On MySpace

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Top 10 Tips for Self-Promotion on MySpace

As someone who gets paid to help talented musicians and authors promote themselves and their talent on MySpace, I’ve learned a few tips along the way that I thought I would share with you.

1. Keep your profile simple, clean and easy to read. Use complimentary colours and uncluttered backgrounds in your layouts and be careful of what text colours you use. Be aware of the size of your font too. If a person can’t easily read your profile, they won’t know what you want them to know about you!

2. Be sure to use an attractive, classy, eye-catching profile picture and add new photos to your albums quite frequently. People love photos!

3. Don’t let more than one audio file run on your profile page. If videos and songs are running at the same time the cacophony will turn people off and they’ll leave your profile right away.

4. Don’t include too many photos, videos, attachments or applications that the program has to download every time someone visits your profile or they’ll get bored during the wait (because some people still don’t have High Speed Internet) and go elsewhere.

5. Take the time to answer everyone who sends you an email or leaves you a comment. They’ve been generous enough with their time to initiate contact, so you should definitely reciprocate. But don’t say “Thanks for the add” because it’s the most overused cliché on MySpace!

6. Write a blog! People want to know about your news, particularly if they’ve subscribed to your blog, and if you have something interesting to say, they’ll even read it! Invite your friends to subscribe to your blog and subscribe to other blogs that you find interesting too.

7. Keep bulletins to a minimum. Most people don’t take the time to read them anyway so if you’re going to send out a bulletin, do so sparingly and make sure you’ve got a title in the subject line that will catch people’s attention.

8. Take the time to encourage your new friends to use one of your songs (if you’re a musician) as their profile page song and if you’re an author, offer them a free PDF download of your work to seize their interest.

9. Contests for free product will get your friends’ attention! Everyone loves contests and it’s an easy way to get them involved. Competitions for merchandise, free tickets, books or a place in your Top Friends list are great ways to spread the word about what you do.

10. Most importantly, remember that MySpace is about relationships. People like to connect with others and if you are sincere they will be drawn to you. If you don’t take the time to build them, you won’t reap the benefits.

NOTE: Call me old-fashioned but I preferred MySpace before it tried to compete with Facebook by including all those applications and games to download. People who are on MySpace to promote their CDs, books, art, etc. don’t want to play games and don’t have time for them either.

For more valuable information about marketing and promotion on MySpace, check out MySpace Music Marketing: How to Promote & Sell Your Music on the World’s Biggest Networking Web Site by Bob Baker. The information applies to anyone who is using MySpace for promotional purposes. If you would like a PDF copy, email me at and I’ll send you one.

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