The Aunts Come Marching by Bill Richardson


I recently read a delightful early reader, and reviewed it for, called The Aunts Come Marching by Bill Richardson (excellent artwork by Cynthia Nugent) with a friend’s 7 year old daughter and she absolutely loved that you could sing the story and laughed at many of the elaborate and colourful illustrations.

Her favourite part was, “The aunts come marching four by four” and the drawing that accompanied it inspired her to draw her own version. Any book that can do that is a success!

The book comes with a music sheet for the song so that young musicians can learn how to play it. The “aunts” come marching is of course a spoof or play on words for the childhood classic song, “The ants come marching”, and this book draws the reader in with its silly names like Piccolo Pat and Sousaphone Sue and its rhyming words and sounds vocabulary builder – i.e., sprung, sproing, ping, ping, poing.

It’s easy to see why this Raincoast book has already won the British Columbia Achievement Foundation’s 2008 Time to Read Award for Early Literacy. I highly recommend it for interactive fun with the early readers in your life!

For more about this book and Bill Richardson, check out these links:

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