Some Choice CD Reviews for 2008

Hello and welcome to Scully Love Promo Reviews! I’m Christine Bode and I’ve been writing CD and concert reviews for a Kingston, Ontario entertainment website owned and operated by the fabulous Chris White called for almost four years. I would like to begin my new blog by sharing my most recent CD reviews for with you here:

Vancouver, British Columbia’sThe Ormidales

Find out what an ormidale is and why this Canadian genre-bending, melodramatic alt-country and electro-acoustic pop band sounds so decidedly British!

Kingston, Ontario’s – Craig Mcintyre

Find out why Craig’s soulful, rockin’ second CD, Silent, is my favourite CD of 2008!

London, England’s – Andy Smythe

Discover this talented acoustic folk rock artist and why Mike Scott of The Waterboys thinks he’s got it going on in Live For The Future:

Edmonton, Alberta’s – James Murdoch

Unlock the secrets of his perfect pop album In Transit:

I hope you enjoy my reviews, which I’ve been told are more like mini biographies. I believe in letting people know as much as I can about the artist because most of them are independent artists whom you may not have heard of…yet!

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