Ann Vriend’s Top Secret Ontario Tour Continues! This Week Peterborough and Kingston!

Hello everyone,

Ann Vriend’s top secret Halloween tour in Ontario with the fabulous Tamara Nile (see and continues this week after an exciting weekend in Ottawa at the Rainbow Bistro!

Ann and Tamara will be bringing their DIY show to Peterborough on Wednesday, October 29th at The Spill (see for details) and they’ll be playing a double bill with The Bonus Numbers (members of the Silver Hearts band).

Then, they head to Kingston on Thursday, October 30th for a triple bill with Kingston’s Craig McIntyre (see and at the Next Church, Main Sanctuary, 89 Colborne Street. PLEASE NOTE THERE HAS BEEN A VENUE CHANGE.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a very happy and haunted Hallowe’en! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Ann’s song of the same name on her MySpace profile at !

Team Vriend x

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