Camille Blue Amy Signing Copies of Marshall and His Green High-Tops in Punta Gorda, Florida!

New children’s author Camille Blue Amy will be signing copies of her book Marshall and his green high-tops at St. Andrew’s Golf Club, 1901 Deborah Drive, Punta Gorda, Florida on Saturday, November 15, 2008 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Don’t miss your chance to get a signed copy of this adorable children’s book, suitable for ages 2-6 for the children in your life for Christmas!

You can order the book online directly from at It is also still available at Chapters and Indigo in Kingston, Ontario.

If you are a children’s author and would be willing to share tips on how to create query letters, approach publishers and agents and get the word out about a self-published children’s book, I would appreciate hearing from you. I also invite you to join our fan page for Marshall on Facebook at – and to post about your own book on our discussion board there. Networking is so important and Camille and I want to be your friend so that hopefully, we can all learn from and help each other.

Marshall’s MySpace profile is coming soon!

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