More Top Secret Dates and Details from Ann Vriend!

Dates and Details

Secret Agent AV heads out to BC again, starting TODAY (Sunday, August 10, 2008) in Duncan.

Ok, we know not everybody on this mailing list live in, say, Duncan, but we never know who’s traveling where and when, and our experience has been: tell everybody, not just the people who live in the towns AV will play be in. Why? Well, much like AV herself, people travel — in fact, it’s quite interesting looking at who signs Ann’s mailing list at her various shows, and what cities and countries come up, other than the one the show is in!


Here’s the upcoming itinerary:

Date: August 10, 2008
Venue: Duncan Garage Showroom
Address: 201 330 Duncan St, Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC
Description: solo, concert setting

Date: August 11, 2008
Venue: Hermann’s Jazz Club
Address: 753 View Street, Victoria, BC
Description: solo, 8 pm, concert setting

Date: August 14, 2008
Venue: the Railway Club,
Address: 579 Dunsmuir Street on the corner at Seymour, Vancouver, BC
Description: solo, concert setting, opening for T Nile,

Date: August 16, 2008
Venue: Leigh Square Outdoor Music Festival
Address: Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, BC
Description: Ann on at 1:30 pm, solo. For more info contact

Date: August 17, 2008
Venue: Yellowhouse Restaurant,
Address: 526 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC
Description: solo concert in restaurant setting, $8

AV Yearlong Tour Schedule

Dates have yet to be confirmed in many places, but the general idea is as follows, below. If you want to be part of that and/or help facilitate a concert in your area — including a house concert — please let us know.

Mid Sept: brief Alberta tour

End of Sept – beginning of Oct: “Babes for Breasts”, breast cancer fundraising tour, for more info visit

Oct 7 – 15: Nashville (songwriting, showcases, and publishing pursuits)

Oct 16 – 19: Western Canadian Music Awards and Conference (Edmonton)

Oct 21 – Nov 2: Ontario and Quebec Tour

Nov 5 – 16: AB/SASK tour with T Nile,

End of Nov – mid Feb: Australia CD Release Tour of “When We Were Spies”

Feb 18 – 21: Folk Alliance Music Conference (Memphis)

Feb 22 – Mar 12: Southern US Tour, Nashville

Mar 13 – 17: South By Southwest Music Conference (Austin)

Mar 26 – 29: Junos awards and showcases (Vancouver)

Mar 30 – end of April: AB/Sask shows, writing

May – first week of June: Europe tour

June 11 – 14: North by Northeast Music Conference

Last half of June: Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern US Seaboard tour

July and August: North American Summer festivals, related connector dates

Link to where you can buy stuff

So, anybody could just Google Ann Vriend and figure this out, but we know you’re busy and we figure the easier we make this for you, the better, yes? So, simply click on the link below to buy AV merchandise (including AV tote bags — the environmentally “Vriendly” way to be cool and carry stuff). How to download AV music is also posted here.

That’s all for now

We’ll be back in touch shortly. Thanks for you time!

AV Headquarters
(Ann, Patrick, Christine, Doug, Beth, and Brent)

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